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Monday, September 8, 2008

Beginning of the year

I've had a great three weeks with my kiddos. I'm learning all I can about each of them and I really enjoy them. I teach Fourth Grade and they start out so sweet, but at the end of the year end up Fifth Graders!!! We all know that means DRAMA!!! I try to keep a Drama Free classroom. This crew is different from mine last year. They are MUCH more quiet, which suprises me considering I have TEN GIRLS!!!!! FOUR BOYS!!!!! WOW!!! I do have some quiet girls though. They balance each other out well. I TOTALLY love my job!!! I have great support and work with some great people!! What more can a girl ask for???? The kids all know the procedures really well and follow them. This is, of course, a good thing.
My hubby and I are doing great and right now are watching Hurricane Ike. Kinda hoping for a Galveston hit so we can evacuate!!!!! We are on the right side of Houston to evacuate it would be exciting!!!