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Sunday, September 11, 2016

It's never "just adopt."

In adoption there is loss. I acknowledge that fact. There is also soooo much love. We care for our birth mother,and she is like family now.  I am practically giddy with how many people will love our baby.  It's wonderful.  This has not been easy by any means. I am juggling work, adoption and figuring out maternity leave!! Whew!!!! I guess I am adjusting to being a mama.  Keep praying for all!!

Monday, September 5, 2016

Guilt #mircroblogmondays

One surprising emotion I have come across is guilt.  One day this past week it was overwhelming until I finally shared with our biomom how I felt.  She eased my feelings quite a bit. She chose us(I STILL can't wrap my head around that) because she feels we would be the best for her child.  My guilt comes from my own pain due to infertility. I understand loss, and it hurts that someone has to endure a loss in this process.  One more reason I am a pro open adoption supporter. She will have access to our social media, we text and will be meeting throughout the year.  I pray this will help ease her pain and make her more confident in her choice.