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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Well.. i just can't please everyone

We went to visit family this Easter. KIDS everyone including one newborn.  I didn't oogle over it. I didn't really get around it or compliment the parents (sis in law)  on their amazing procreating skills. I pretty much said NOTHING. I do this for totally selfish reasons. I figure one, they  have heard PLENTY of oogling and ahhas that mine won't really matter and sometimes it just hurts to see a newborn. They are always reminders of what I dont have. This couple has lost one already and she was the only one I was OK with with being pregnant.  I've oogled over my share of babies in my time. I refuse.  I sat by the kid. I didnt pick him up. I didnt want to. I removed myself from the situation as best as I could. So, be pissed I didnt hold your kid because if that makes you upset you couldn't walk a DAY  in my shoes.