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Saturday, March 21, 2009


Ok.. Maybe TMI , but I have OFFICIALLY found the trick to getting a late period to start. Just either take a pee test and your period will start the next day or just buy them in prepreation to take the next morning and BAM. I'd say this is about 90% effective because in the past I have taken pee tests only to have it to start the next week.
I was going good for over a year I was "on time." This is good for many reasons the main two are I was probably ovulating(yup wasted months) AND no getting hopes up. It was tough, but still no false hope.
I know after this long I shouldn't even get my hopes up, but when your body tricks you you start to think "well maybe" and break down and buy a pee test sometimes. Other times you just think "great whats wrong now??" and don't buy anything because you don't need another reminder. Other times I just get frustrated because I'd rather have it arrive on time than trick me. NOT COOL!!!Frustrating is a small adjective to describe this.
I have rules though. It CAN'T be a digital test. I don't need to see "Not Pregnant" in words and Tony has to be there. I learned this one the hard way. I use to take them without him there so that I could "surprise" him just in case. Each time I'd end up in tears. So he now has to be there. I have this cute little plan all hatched out that I won't be able to use (such a waste of imagination) I won't give away the details, but maybe one day I can HOPEFULLY "semi" use it. Also, the Pregnancy test can not cost over 6 bucks. Luckily, we found Target has 2 for $6.00. Having Tony there has proved to be great because we can talk about it more and get emotions out. I dont normally get my hopes up too much, and think Proctor and Gamble owe me some massive money by now.
Any aspect in dealing with all of this just sucks. The not being able to go forward sucks. We can't put our lives on hold right now. I don't have all the time in the world. I know 30 isn't old by any means, and women have babies late in their 30s "these days" but with PCOS your ovaries don't work right and your eggs have a tendency to well... suck. Basically, time is not really on my side.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Random thoughts about Economy

Random thoughts about this CRUDDY economy.. I have no solutions, but have an inkling to our "REAL" problem.

This morning at the gym the 3 TVs were on 3 different channels. EACH of them on the Sunday morning news and EACH of them talking about the dreadful economy. One was interviewing a single mother who had lost her job and had to resort to dancing at clubs to pay the bills, another was a different family in the same situation, the last was just a report on the sales decreases. ALL were depressing and showed dreadful outlooks. They even had a poll that had asked Americans how long they think this bad economy will last. Now, while I feel it's important that we are financially aware I personally like to relax on my Sunday mornings. Sunday USE to be a day with the family to reflect. Instead its so dreadful just to turn on the T.V!!!!

Why can't we as individuals and businesses follow Dave Ramesy's advice??? If you don't have it DON'T spend it!! Save!!! My father has followed this all his life. Much of what Dave Ramsey says sounds like my own dad. We never had much and what we did have was mainly given to us at Christmas or our Birthdays. I now know my parents saved up pretty much all year long and our Christmases were GREAT!!! If we ever "begged" for anything my mom would say "ask Santa" and if we KEPT begging we got "the look" from mom. Those "things" were not our right.
To this day I don't understand when people say "I want to give my kids the things I didn't have."" Well, what was it YOU felt you were without?? The newest, most expensive video game? The coolest clothes?? WHAT?? What kids WANT and NEED is security and love. They are so bombarded with "stuff," even more than we were, and it's ALL expensive!!! I remember being a foster child living with the couple before my parents adopted me (even though I was around 3 or 4) and all I wanted was a stable family. The more "stuff" you give a kid the more they want. So, that could be huge part of our problem.

Another, is these HUGE bonuses. HELLO.. I'm a teacher, "Supposedly" the MOST important profession and I've never really received one. AIG is giving out like 198 MILLION in bonuses!!! WHAT IS THAT?? I know their base salaries are far higher than mine for certain. What do they base their bonuses on? They talk about "teacher accountability" endlessly and how would we determine if they deserve a bonus. Well, these people just show up to work and get a bonus. It's a catch 22. People will complain endlessly if I get a mere few thousand in bonuses, but really they say little about business people. Can't the fact that I put up with stupid people telling me how I "should" do my job earn me a bonus???

I think our economy shakes up every once in a while for us to get back to our "roots" work hard, and SAVE.

Sunday, March 8, 2009


Tony and I have been trying to get pregnant going on SIX years. HOWEVER, we have not been able to go on to the next step of our lives due to one thing.. MONEY. It's not the fact we don't have the money to raise a child. WE DO!! We don't have the money to get pregnant with one. It's SO frustrating!!! I can't even write in to words how frustrating it is. I'm seeing my friends get married, have children and all the things that go along with it. It seems once one round of people get pregnant and have kids another round starts. It goes in cycles almost every nine months. I lose my friends!!! My mom says this is just something that happens, and I guess it does, but it's NOT something I chose. Now, if I wanted my life without children that would be different. I'm now seeing people who have gone through the same thing I have trying to get pregnant and they were able to do this because they were finacially blessed or their insurance company covered it. I wanted a baby at 23 because I knew it might be difficult, but never did I imagine this. NEVER. I wanted two children by 30. I don't want age to be a factor either. The "just adopt" thing is B.S. because I want to experience pregnancy and everything that goes with it, but for now I just have to listen to other people's pregnancy announcements as they pop up almost daily on Facebook or MySpace. I just feel really ripped off by life right now.