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Saturday, October 8, 2016

Final Homestudy

Our homestudy is FINAL!!!

I had someone ask me when the baby is home with us, is it all over?  No,  it is not.  At least the process isn't over.  We will have more home visits to make sure all is going well until finalization.
They commented on how that isn't fair.  How drug addicted women bring home babies and have keep having more and more babies. They then asked if I was bitter about such scrutiny. Good point. What is true is that I had quick seconds of bitterness as I was filling out forms and faxing them in to the caseworker.  They faded quickly. I just kept filling out forms.   I have simply waited too long for this to let the bitterness eat me alive.  The facts are what they are.  I can't change them. There are some cold hard truths.

1) I can not physically give birth to a child
2) a woman has chosen us to parent this precious gift
3)  I GET TO BE A MOM!!! We get to be parents

Women would die to be in my shoes.  I know it. I am fully aware of that fact. I chose not to be bitter. It was a concious choice.

I pray daily I remain this way.