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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What a month

Since I last wrote...
My sis got married, my grandmother was put in ICU, and I held a newborn baby.


My sis got married. I did face this with a little unease as I knew I would get the "when are you going to have a baby?" question. Of course I DID get that question... THREE times. I just said, "Eventually." I also got the "When you finally accept it and relax do you think you'll get pregnant?" Comment. REALLY?? I mean REALLY?? After seven years I'm still getting those lovely comments. How I would LOVE to educate the general public about the reality of infertility.  Now, my brain wanted to strangle said person, but I just stated our difficulties.

My grandmother is in the hosptial. I got to see her, and that made me super happy. She is the best person I know and I feel like everyone needs someone like her in their lives. In my mind, she is near perfect. I know I'm a little bias, but I know many who know her would agree. This is where infertility saddens me again. I want my children to know this wonderful person. I hope that her illness is temporary and she gets better while we have her with us for another 10 years!!!

Finally, I, held. a. baby. Now, when a fertile person holds a baby they don't get "looks." When a known infertile holds one they get "looks." I can't explain it. Its either fear that I'm going to breakdown emotionally or find a back door somewhere and run off with said baby in my arms. I'm proud to say neither of those happened. I did not end up on the national news. However, this baby is in foster care. I can't say much more of the situation, but I believe they found a family for her. 

So, we had a wedding, an illness and I did not have an emotional breakdown!! NICE.