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Sunday, April 28, 2013

It is what it is

"It is what it is" is a quote that is seen to me as a "just deal with it, you can't change it" attitude. This can apply to every single situation in life.

So, here I am nearly a decade in to my chosen profession as a teacher and I'm debating whether I can take any more of this or not. There is so much I can't control. There is so much expected out of a teacher up to the point that we neglect our own emotional well being,and if you aren't you just aren't a good teacher. This mentality begins with society and extends to the mind frame of the higher ups who just haven't been there.
I never imagined being anything but a teacher, but maybe I can be a teacher in other capacities. I've always wondered "what would I do if I didn't teach???" Well, I've found my answer. I'd become a Registered Dietician. This is  something that 23 year old me (which happens to be the age I was upon graduating with an Elementary degree) would have scoffed at. Weight loss and success has inspired to have me learn more. With this floating around in my mind. Am I tired? Do I just need a vacation that I haven't had?
GREAT Questions!!!!!    I know for a fact that I don't think I can do this job for another 30 years. Forget all the intrinsic "rewards."

There are many things to consider.

1) I'd have to keep my teaching job while I pursued this as a Masters Degree online and I'd have some pre requs to take.
2) $$$$$$$
3) There is an Internship required. I'd have to plan what we would do for $ during that time.

I've done some internal thinking and beating myself up.

Does wanting to quit teaching mean that I'm a bad teacher? NO!!! Many wonderful teachers have quit because this is not what they signed up for. All the teacher prep programs in the world can't fix a broken system.  The testing is out of control. The children come to school with bad parenting and we are expected to fix it. I can still be a teacher, but teaching people who want to better their lives.

Can we afford this? I'd start taking my pre reqs at a nearby Jr College along with a nutrition course. Itd have to be a day by day thing.

Amazing how my life goals can change in a matter of a few years. I"m no longer the novice teacher. I'm jaded and don't see the system changing. I can't change it. Teachers have tried for years, but we don't get listened to. We get ignored and they add more to our already filled plate.

So, I'll be continuing my research, planning and praying to see if this is a direction I want to go!