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Friday, November 21, 2008


I truly LOVE Thanksgiving. I know I'm blessed with a great family and friends. One tradition my father does each year is he makes us go around the table and say what we are thankful for. I won't see my family this year so I'm gonna put them on here in no particular order:) .... My two puppies. They bring us joy and laughter daily!!!!
My Husband... he puts up with me!!!

My neices... they are great kids. Smart, sweet and strong. Don't you love the faces they are making????

My mom and dad... See, PROOF after 40 years they still communicate!!!!! They are pretty great people. My mom is super selfless and my dad is a great role model to live by. He's honest, faithful, funny and a true dad. My mom would die if sshe knew I put her on here.

Jennifer... she's super smart.
My college friends... Truly life long friends, who were there when I needed them and continue to be as life goes on. Too bad I don't have my college pics online, but I'll probably post more later.

My Co- Workers... They are fun and brilliant people. Each has a strength they bring to our team and the put up with my flakiness. I seriously would lose my head if it wasn't attatched!!!!
There are many things I have to be thankful for. I hope everyone has a restful Thanksgiving.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sad events

A really good friend (coworker) of mine was due to have a baby boy on December 9,2008. Now, seeing people who are pregnant, have little babies and any of the sort is tough on me. I stay out of the process of Baby Showers etc. Its painful. Monday the 10th of November she went in to the hospital due to high blood pressure and Tuesday we were informed something was wrong with the baby. She had to have an emergency C-Section. Of course, we ALL were VERY concerned, but the report was he was breathing on his own and beautiful a 6lb 3 ounce boy. After hearing no further reports, we felt like the baby would be O.K. Well, Friday morning I get in to work and find out that the baby had died the previous night.HOW AWFUL!!! I wish this on no one. I wanted to immediatly see her, but was unable due to the fact no one could cover my classroom. My friend is holding up well as far as I can tell, but she has very strong faith and a great family support. Since this has happened its made me realize two things. One, I was being selfish in not attending the events she wanted me to attend, even though I did send gifts. I regret this. Infertility is tough, and those things are harsh reminders, but now knowing what I know I'd have gone in a heartbeat. This event also made me realize much about other people and how its not all about me. We all have our own personal struggles. I think I was hard and angry and thats not me. So, keep my friend and family in your prayers.