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Thursday, January 26, 2017


I'm sitting on my couch at 11:30 pm feeling my 3 week old daughter.  Let me rewind 3 weeks exactly.
On Wed the 4th our birth mother had her membranes stripped. She was told if that didn't works she would be induced on Friday. She really didn't want to be induced. Looking back, I can't blame her. Her pregnancy was pretty non eventful short of a Kidney infection. So, I was hoping the membrane thing worked. My husband and I left Houston at noon on Thursday the 5th.  She had been having contractions but nothing more than normal. We were about an hour away from Austin when she texted that her water had broken,  and not too much later had some pretty brutal contractions. She went from 15 minutes apart to 3-5 min apart in no time. Long story short, we arrived at the hospital before her. She had to go to her doc to make sure she was in labor. She was 5cm dialated.!!! So, she immediately asked for an epidural. She also got a very large room. In the meantime her family started showing up. What could have been very uncomfortable was not. We were in and out of her room.At 7 cm she got an infection and was feeling awful. She also just wanted to be alone,so as part of her birth plan we all left. I went to the cafeteria with our mutual friend and we colored for about 45 minutes to focus on something else. I knew they had given our birth mom pitocin,but didn't realize just how fast it worked. My mother in law came running in the cafeteria sayin ,"She's pushing!!" In a blur we ran upstairs and only the people she had asked were in there. I squeezed her hand and encouraged her, as we all did. 20 min later at 11:17pm our 6 pound 14 ounce daughter was born!!! It was amazing!!! The weekend didn't end there. Remember we had 48 hours. That's for the next post.

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